Sustainable Farming in Margaret River: A CBCo Brewing Experience

Sustainable Farming in Margaret River: A CBCo Brewing Experience

Hey guys, it's Eamon from CBCo Brewing, and welcome to Margaret River. We've been here on these 70 acres for 20 years, and we've got some exciting developments going on in the background that we want to share with you today.

Sustainability at CBCo Brewing

Sustainability is a massive focus for us at CBCo Brewing, and we're bringing those principles into the way we manage the farm. A couple of ways we're doing that is we're changing the way we farm the property. We've got a 400-tree fruit orchard, you might have tasted some of that in our Mulberry Gose we just released.

Paddock to Plate Program

Then we've got a regenerative farm going on, so we're using a polyculture seed mix, which is way better than the old monoculture farming. That seed mix has been specifically designed for Margs.

So you're going to notice a few cows and sheep and a few pigs running around. They're part of our paddock to plate program, which is very exciting. Paddock to plate means we're going to have less food miles, better quality meat, better welfare for the animals, and better environmental outcomes for the property that we're farming on.

Craft Beer and Sustainability

At CBCo Brewing, we're proud to be a part of the thriving craft beer scene in Margaret River. Our brewery not only focuses on creating delicious beer, but we're also dedicated to sustainability and supporting local farmers.

Expanding upon our commitment to sustainability, our brewery operates with a keen focus on environmental conservation. From our energy-efficient brewing processes to our use of locally sourced organic ingredients, every aspect of our operation reflects our dedication to crafting beer with a conscience.

Planning a trip to Margaret River? 

Make sure to add a visit to CBCo Brewing to your itinerary for a taste of the region's finest craft beer and a glimpse into our sustainable farming practices. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or a nature lover, there's something for everyone to enjoy at CBCo Brewing.

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