At CBCo Brewing Margaret River, we believe good food and good beer goes hand in hand, and we believe both start with a focus on sustainability.

Nestled among 70 acres of pristine farmland, CBCo Brewing is not just a brewery and restaurant – it is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Here, we're not just farmers; we're stewards of the land, protecting its delicate balance. Our philosophy is simple: to cultivate goodness from the ground up.

Paddock To Plate

We raise our own livestock on-site, ensuring that every ingredient that graces your plate is not only fresh and flavourful but also ethically sourced and sustainable. Our 11 Lowlines and 63 Whitpoll sheep aren't just numbers – they're part of our family, nurtured with love and respect. All of our animals are raised with a rotational grazing system – moving from paddock to paddock, avoiding overgrazing and cycling nutrients back into the land, creating a healthier ecosystem.

Regen Farming

We embrace regenerative agriculture and strive to use agriculture as a way to restore the landscape, rather than trying to control it. It's about more than just growing food; it's about healing the land, replenishing what has been depleted, and fostering biodiversity for generations to come.

We're constantly learning, evolving, and adapting our methods to ensure that every decision we make leaves the land better than we found it. It's a labour of love, a testament to our dedication to creating a better, more sustainable, world.

Picture this: Lush fields as far as the eye can see where our livestock roam freely. A gentle breeze carries the scent of rural freshness as you sip an ice-cold middy, about to enjoy one of our seasonally inspired dishes, knowing that every ingredient is local and ethically sourced.